Lawry's - Prime Rib - Akasaka

Lawry's - Prime Rib (Corned Beef)
November 2006

Akasaka Twin Towers
East Tower 1F/B1F
2-17-22 Akasaka
Minato-Ku Tokyo
Ph (03) 5114-8080

We were lucky enough to be taken to this restaurant as special guests. We were even luckier to be treated to some very tasty Don Perignon with the meal! I will try not to let that influence my judgement.
It is always a lovely feeling to eat a meal in Tokyo in a large spacious room where tables are not cramped in together. I could not stop smirking at the waitresses uniforms, they were ridiculous. The signature dishes are the tossed salad and the prime rib. The tossed salad wasn't anything special but it is fun for the kids to watch them make it at the table - and fun for the grown ups who are still kids at heart. The prime rib was perfect although the Yorkshire pudding served with is not worth trying. On our table of 8, not a single person ate it.

Summed up - Thought I'll never eat a corned beef in Japan, reminds me of mums home cooked meals.
Best Dish - Have to have the meat, the smoked salmon starter was good too.
Cost - Mains 3,500 - 5,500 yen depending on the size you want, +2,000 yen for a lobster tail on top.
English Friendly - yes

Seats - lots
Atmosphere - business
Food - Awesome
Service - Immaculate
Wine list - A little too American focused

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