Tesoro - Spanish - Omotosando

Tesoro - Spanish
December 2006

4-2-17 Omotesando Hills B1F
Ph (03) 5770-3996

We went to this restaurant for the Christmas dinner set so we had no choice for ordering. We looked for somewhere to go at the last minute and this was one of the few restaurants that still had places available. We were expecting and wanting authentic Spanish food so we were a little disappointed when the menu came out full of French and Japanese influences.

I love fish pie, it reminds me of a pub/bar/nightclub on the water in Sydney called Bungalow8. I would head down there for fish pie lunch and a few beers once every couple of weeks. The fish pie here was good, but a little too creamy for my personal taste. However I do think the cream appeals well to Japanese tastes.
The pigeon and fois gras pie was incredible. The pastry was cooked to perfection and it could have been served in any top restaurant in the world. The uni (sea urchin) and oyster paella was average.

Summed up - Don't expect traditional Spanish. This is modern Spanish fusion
Best Dish - We had the Christmas dinner set, best dish on it was the pigeon and fois gras pie.
Cost - Christmas set + wine was a bit under 40,000 yen for 2. Normal dinner you can expect to pay around 15,000 yen. Not so good value for money here but I guess you can expect that given this restaurants location.

English Friendly - English menu but the waiter don't speak much.
Seats - 40
Atmosphere - modern and classy
Food - Awesome
Service - Immaculate
Wine list - Not much Spanish wine, mostly French. Both recommendations were excellent.

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