Bangkok - Thai - Roppongi

Bangkok - Thai
October 2006

3-8-8 2F Woo Building
Roppongi Minato-Ku
Ph (03) 3408-7353

I was missing the fantastic and authentic quality of Thai food back in Sydney so I decided to try this place that had been recommended to me a few days earlier. It is also just near one of my favourite bars called "Old Days" so it is perfect location if you want to enjoy a drink after dinner.
The restaurant only had one or two tables of Japanese diners. The place was full of gaijin. It also had one large table of Thai people which is always a good sign at a Thai restaurant. The meal didn't disappoint either. We ate the waiters recommendations, I would order everything again except the fish cakes, they were a little dry. This place is also very family friendly.

Summed up - Thai home cooking experience in the heart of Tokyo.
Best Dish - Chili beef
Cost - 2 entrees, 2 mains and a few beers 8,000 yen
English Friendly - Yes
Seats - 40
Atmosphere - casual
Food - Impressive
Service - I'll give them another go
Wine list - didn't look

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