Shabu Gen - Nishi Azabu - Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki

Shabu Gen - Nishi Azabu
March 2009

B1F Hassei Building
3-24-23 Nishi Azabu
Minato-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-5474 - 0224

The shabu shabu comes with 3 dipping sauces, lemon, ponzu and sesame. All 3 are made on site and you can taste the exceptional quality. The waiter will recommend different combinations with each dish. They also have sukiyaki but I have never tried it.

Best Dish - The shabu shabu of course! Also try the octopus shabu shabu in the lemon dipping sauce or the pork with kimchi dipped in sesame. Both are fantastic.
Cost - I don't like fatty meat so I always eat the cheapest set at 3,300 per person. This comes with pork, beef, vegetables and either rice or noodles at the end. Extra dishes and sides are more. The more expensive sets have the same amount of food but higher quality (fattier) meat.
English Friendly - Yes. The menu is in English and the manager speaks English.
Seats - 28
Atmosphere - buzzing
Food - fantastic
Service - Excellent
Wine list - Red and white.
Functions - no
Private Room - no
Non smoking areas - no
Vegetarian Options - no
Family Friendly - yes

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Anonymous said...

The Sukiyaki is also great!