Blue Dragon - Motoazabu - Asian Fusion

Blue Dragon - Motoazabu
March 2009

1F Tanaka Building
3-2-20 Motoazabu
Tel. 03-3478-8287

Open 6.30pm - 3.30 am

Best Dish - Chicken Rice Soup
Cost - This place is actually licenced as a bar not a restaurant so they make you order one drink. Including one drink, expect to pay maximum 3,000 yen each.
English Friendly - Yes
Seats - 12 + counter
Atmosphere - No-nonsense, good value.
Food - Most dishes are very good, a few are exceptional. Half the fun is trying them all!
Service - below average
Wine list - In typical Japanese style they have 2 kinds, red and white.
Functions - no
Private Room - no
Non smoking areas - no
Vegetarian Options - yes but I wouldn't guarantee no fish sauce.
Family Friendly - no

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