Sabado Sabadet - Shirogane - Spanish

CLOSED - A new organic Spanish restaurant is here, we would love to hear how it is.

Sabado Sabadet - Shirogane

October 2007







5-3-2 Shirogane-dai
Minato-Ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-3445-9353
Open 18:00 - 23:00

The first thing I noticed in this restaurant was that all the staff were Spanish including the chef. The food is traditional Spanish home cooking and the perfect example is the Spanish meatballs which I highly recommend. Also try drinking the sweet beer from the Spanish drinking vessel and try not to get it all over you like I did! The little figurines in the bathroom are good fun too.

Best Dish - Squid Ink Paella
Cost - Around 7,000 for 2
English Friendly - Yes
Atmosphere - Surprisingly quiet the night we went.
Food - Traditional Spanish home cooking.
Service - good
Wine list - A few good Spanish
Private Functions - no
Non smoking areas - no
Vegetarian Options - not much
Family Friendly - yes


Anonymous said...

I am Spanish and I love this place

RestCat said...

i am spanish and i was in japan one month ago.

i passed by two or three spanish restaurants (one in shibuya in marks mall and other one at the top of kyoto station) and i was completely dissappointed because the food was really different and the translations of the names were completely wrong.

but anyway is good to see that you still have the chance to taste it!

one recommendation: sant pau restaurant in tokyo (near coredo in nihonbashi). i have not been there because it was too expensive but if you have the chance you will really taste the catalan food (catalonia is part of spain). it has 2 michelin stars i think.