Red Pepper - Omotesando and Ebisu

Red Pepper - Omotesando and Ebisu - Modern
October 2007

3-5-25 1F Kita-Aoyama
Minato-ku Tokyo
From Omotesando crossing, take the laneway behind thepolice box.
Tel. 03-3478-1264

1-12-5 1F Ebisu
Minato-ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-3280-4436
Open 17:00 - 24:00

Best Dish - Lasagna
Cost - Dishes range from 600 - 2,000 yen each. Most are around 1,100 yen.
English Friendly - Menu's are Japanese. We had one waiter who spoke a little English.
Seats - Omotesando is very small with 20 seats, Ebisu is a little bigger with 42 seats.
Atmosphere - Lively and Friendly.
Food - Everything was good.
Service - The food was a little slow to come out
Wine list - none
Private Functions - No
Non smoking areas - No
Vegetarian Options - Yes
Family Friendly -No

1 comment:

はらはん said...

I ordered the Lasagna here and what arrived was a boiling soupy mess of tomato sauce. When I complained the chef: Iwayama-san shouted across the counter in English in a very rude manner.
The staff were also not so friendly.
I would recommend this restaurant for a quick drink, or coffee but take my advice; avoid the food and Iwayama-san!