Fukuzushi - Roppongi - Sushi

Fukuzushi - Roppongi
August 2007

5-7-8 Roppongi
Minato-Ku Tokyo
Tel. 03-3402-4116

Gaijin style sushi. The menu was boring, the meal was over priced, the only thing they could recommend was the toro (fatty tuna) and the soft shell crab was burnt.

Best Dish - Bonito Sashimi
Cost - Just over 30,000 yen for 2
English Friendly - Yes
Atmosphere - Traditional Japanese but filled with gaijin
Food - fair
Service - good
Wine list - one white one red
Vegetarian Options - one salad
Family Friendly - no

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree, only it was even worse for me. YUCK! The sushi bar and gardens are pretty enough, but the fish was AWFUL! Tasteless fish on fall-apart rice, some fish wrapped in konbu to hide its lack of flavor. And the shrimp in the station looked like it had been fermenting there since Bush was President. Perhaps the worst sushi I've ever eaten in my life. Which would be understandable if it was a $1 boat sushi in Omaha, Nebraska, but my bill was well over $7 per piece. Not per 2, PER 1. And I didn't even eat the good stuff. If this place closes tomorrow, that will be one day too late, because I've already dropped a budget buster on something entirely forgettable.

Save your money, and your tastebuds. There are two SushiZanMai places within walking distance. Perhaps no garden to look at while you eat, but at least you know everyone will enjoy every bite.