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Dhaba India - Yaesu
February 2007

2-7-9 Yaesu
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Customer said...

Dear Editor

Our team of ten people were recommended the Gurgaon restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo for a team dinner and our group reached the restaurant after making a reservation and choosing a set menu. Upon reaching the restaurant and being greeted by the Japanese manager (Mr XXX) who shared the ‘set menu’ (est. 2800 yen per person), our leaders decided that we will probably need a few more Indian dishes to satisfy the curiosity of the Japanese members of our team. We did mention to the manager that we will be ordering a few more dishes we were happy to pay for the additional items and placed the order despite their hesitation to entertain us stating it will take additional time. We did order around six or seven additional dishes and said we were prepared to wait as the team was not in a hurry to finish dinner and leave this restaurant. We had the food and drinks delivered to us in varying time which we never even thought of complaining about and went on to have a nice dinner. Our bill was not small and was over 65,000 yen for ten people which we were asked to pay in cash and were forced to scout for an ATM machine to draw money and settle the dues. However, we were not given the dessert and the drink which was part of the set menu and upon questioning the said Japanese restaurant Manager turned surprisingly hostile (he could easily rank highest among the rudest individuals I have ever met in my many decades of existence in this world) and did not want to explain the reasons. It was more surprising that in a gentlemanly and dignified country like Japan, they still have very rude and annoying individuals / characters who seem to rise out of nowhere to tarnish the reputation of this great country. He threatened to ask our group to leave and turned extremely arrogant when being questioned why we were not served the drink or the dessert which was part of the set menu …

Truly, it was supposed to have been a pleasant / memorable team dinner and it did turn ‘memorable’ in a negative way. However, it still does not tarnish my view of Tokyo which is probably one of my favorite cities in the world till date and will continue to be … just that there are some very unfortunate individuals who need to be mentored and taught about the meaning of life and the importance of holding the reputation of a country in the eyes of travelers and tourists from the world over …

God Bless Japan

PS: They don't accept credit cards!