Tora Kuma Mogura - Azabu Juban - Japanese Seafood

January 2007

B1F Rapo Building
2-12-7 Azabu Juban
Ph 03-5441-2511

Weekdays open from 6pm - 2.30am
Saturdays 6pm - 11pm
Closed Sundays

This restaurant has the best Beef Tataki I have ever eaten in my life. In fact, every dish I have eaten here has been fantastic. Also try the eggplant salad and a fish either grilled or in a delicious sweet sauce (pictured above). Both are fantastic. The people next to us were eating a seafood nabe which also looked good. Everything in the restaurant was above expectations except when the bill came. This restaurant is very expensive. We ate 5 very small meals + 2 beers and it came to more than 20,000 yen.

Best Dish - Beef Tataki
Cost - 20,000 yen for 5 small dishes and 2 beers. We walked out still hungry.
English Friendly - No
Seats - 16 at the tables + about the same at the counter
Atmosphere - A little business with lots of beer drinking thrown in.
Food - Average
Service - I'll give them another go
Wine list - Sake, the one they recommended was average.
Non smoking areas - No
Vegetarian Options - Some salads but that is all.

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