Din Tai Fung - Chinese

Dinfaifung - Chinese
January 2007

Address - Many see website for details.

This restaurants has 25 branches throughout Asia and USA, see the website for a list. We were lucky enough to dine in Taiwan. We waited over 30 minutes for our table, luckily it is not too cold outside in winter in Taipei. Being in Taipei and having this place recommended by several different people, my expectations were high. Unfortunately, most of the food came out well below my expectations. I have had better Sho Ron Po in many restaurants around he world and most other dishes were tasteless.

Best Dish - Beef Noodle Soup
Cost - 1,000 Taiwan Dollars for lunch for 2
English Friendly - Yes
Seats - This place is huge!
Atmosphere - Yum Cha
Food - Average
Service - I'll give them another go
Wine list - Beer at lunch
Non smoking areas - Yes

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