Abe - Sushi - Hiroo

Abe - Sushi
January 2007

1f GT building
5-19-17 Hiroo
Ph (03) 5447-5858
Lunch - weekdays 11:30 - 14:30 and weekends 12:00 through to dinner
Dinner - 17:30 - 5:00

The best part about this restaurant is that is is open until 5am. That means no more late night ramen after a big night drinking. Instead we come here. They have a sushi counter, 2 tables of 4 and a tatami room. If you can speak any Japanese at all, the sushi chefs are great to practice with, they always make me laugh. The starters are seasonal depending on availability. My favourites are fresh uni (sea urchin) straight from the shell and grilled crab legs. The prawn and vegetable tempura was a little disappointing but then again, they are a sushi restaurant not a tempura restaurant. Not too much ventilation for us non smokers but I have eaten at much worse restaurants.

Summed up - Best late night dining in town.
Best Dish - saba is always good here.
Cost - 10,000 yen for 2.
English Friendly - The waiters don't speak much and no English menus are available.
Seats - 32
Atmosphere - lively, if you sit at the counter you will be chatting to everybody.
Food - Awesome
Service - Table service needs some improvement but the counter is great.
Wine list - None but good sake.

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